Wow! Where did February go?

It’s hard to believe February is almost over! We have had a fun and busy month here in room 19.

Reminder: Thursday this week (March 2nd) we will be going on our second field trip of the year to the Aviation Museum. Students need to bring a non-microwavable lunch as we will be there until approx. 2:30.

We had our first TUSC meeting earlier this month and it went really well! Next TUSC is March 16th. Students have picked their roles and will receive 2 classes to work on their presentations if they need more time it is to be completed at home.

In Language Arts, we finished up Hatchet and completed a final project where students had to draw Brian’s “home” and identify 7 elements that were key to his survival. We are in the process of creating our own book right now based off of the book “If you’re not from the prairie…” written by David Bouchard. Our book is called “If you’re not from Bruce Middle School…”.

We are finished our unit on fractions, percents and ratios in math.  We did a fun activity with skittles to sum of our knowledge of fractions and percents. We will now be moving on to order of operations. A reminder that students should be working on their basic facts (multiplication and division) at home if they don’t have those mastered yet.

In Science we finished our Diversity of Living things unit and we are now into our Electricity unit.  We were lucky enough to have Mr. Dempster complete a grasshopper dissection with the class.  Students are currently working on safety commercials. In our discussions about electricity we realized electricity is all around us and students were asked to complete a “life without electricity” assignment.  This was due Thursday Feb 23rd. If students did not complete the assignment, they are to do so as soon as possible and hand it in.

Upcoming events: Portfolio Night! March 7th from 4:30-7:30pm. Please come check out the great work your child is doing at school!


January 27th

A huge thank you goes out to any students who helped out at our Open House on Thursday night! You did a great job making future Bruce students feel welcomed!

This week in Science we started creating our “ultimate arthropod”. The students get to design and create their arthropod out of modelling clay, they look great so far!

In Language Arts, we are starting T.U.S.C. (Totally Unbelievable Speakers Club) to work on speaking skills.  We will be having our first TUSC meeting on Feb. 7th.  Students get 2 periods at school to work on this and are expected to complete the rest at home.

We are well into our fractions unit now and are looking at improper and mixed fractions (fractions greater than 1).

In French, students are working in groups to create a clothing catalog to show their understanding of clothing vocabulary, adjectives and masculine and feminine. I can’t wait to see what they all come up with!

Registration forms sent home today

Important information:

Students were sent home with a registration form for next school year.  Please check over the form to make sure all information already there is correct and fill out the rest.  Please return back to school as soon as possible.

Reminder that Taco in a Bag lunch is on Tuesday if you ordered.

This week in Science, we wrote a quiz on classification.  The quiz has already been returned to students.  Students have also completed a research project on an animal of their choosing.

In math we got to go grocery shopping! We imagined we were shopping for our families and went around the different grocery sections in the room.  We practiced our adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing of decimals during this activity. We are now moving on to fractions.

In Language arts we are analyzing our main character Brian in the book Hatchet and writing a paragraph to describe Brian.  We have a spelling test on Wednesday January 25th.

Have a great weekend, enjoy the beautiful weather!

Welcome Back!

We have survived our first week back after the winter break! We have been hard at work getting back into all of our units.

We have started a research project in Science where students get to choose any animal they like and find lots of different facts about them.  We will be having a quiz in Science on Friday, January 20th. Students have a study guide sheet that outlines everything they need to know for the quiz.

In Math, we are continuing with decimals and have progressed from multiplying decimals to now dividing decimals.

In Language Arts, we are continuing with our novel Hatchet and discussing our main character Brian.  We have also started our new spelling words, test date still to be determined.

In French we are starting our clothing unit. We have learned some of the french words for clothing items and are learning how we can describe clothing in french. We are just beginning to see that describing words (adjectives) can be either masculine or feminine and we are learning how to determine this.

On Tuesday January 24th there will be another Taco in a Bag lunch.  Most students received a form on Friday afternoon, if they did not their BLAST teacher will hand it out on Monday. Order forms need to be returned by January 20th.

Have a great weekend!

2 more weeks!

Can you believe we only have 2 more weeks until the break? This week report cards were sent home on Wednesday and we also had  our Winter concert that evening.  For students who are interested in the school musical, auditions for “Xanadu” have begun this week. Students have also begun the new practical arts rotations this week.
A reminder that field trip permission forms and $35 was due this week.  We have our first field trip next week on Thursday morning.  We will be heading to the Electrical Museum.  Students can still hand in their forms on Monday.
We wrote our math quiz this week on Wednesday and I have marked and returned the quiz to the students.  We will discuss the possibility of a requiz on Monday as a class.
In science we have been spending some time discussing the difference between living, non living and dead things.  We did a lab this week to help us determine the characteristics of living things to make classifying things easier.
Enjoy the weekend!

We can’t believe it’s December!

We are now in December and we can’t believe it!  December is a busy month that we are sure will just fly by.  A reminder that if your child is in band there is the winter concert on Wednesday, December 7th.  December 7th is also the day students will be sent home with their report cards. One more reminder, field trip forms with the $35 is due by December 8th.  Our first field trip will be the morning of December 15th.

In Language Arts we have just begun a read aloud.  We are reading the book Hatchet by Gary Paulsen.  Ask us about Brian and the plane crash!

We will be having a quiz in Math next week on Wednesday, December 7th.  Students need to be able to :

  • Define what a prime or composite number and identify them
  • Define what a factor and multiple are
  • Determine factors and multiples for a given number
  • Order and compare integers (positive and negative numbers)
  • Solve a problem with large numbers using the CUBES process

In science, for a diversity of living things unit we have started with classification.  We have been working with tree diagrams to help sort various objects.

Have a great weekend

We apologize for the delay in writing our weekly updates, we have been very busy the last few weeks!

It was great to see all the families out on the 15th for portfolio night! We hope you enjoyed seeing everything we have been working on in class.

Yesterday students should have brought home a letter telling you about all of our field trips for the year.  The permission slip needs to be returned to school by December 8th with $35.

Last week we had almost 2/3 of our class participate in WE day at the MTS centre, they had a great time finding out how they can help better the world.

In science this week, we have begun a new unit.  We will now be studying The Diversity of Living Things.

In Language Arts, our graphic novels should all be handed in by now.  We have also just finished our presentations on our assigned hurricane.  They went really well!  We will be having a spelling test Wednesday next week.

In math we have been learning about factors and multiples and prime and composite numbers.  We have been using factor rainbows to help us find the factors of a number.

Enjoy the long weekend!

What an Exciting Week!

We have had another exciting week here in room 19! On Thursday, the bruce clothing arrived and if students ordered any clothing they should have received it by the end of the day. Coming up on Monday next week (October 31st) there will be a dance and other activities offered in the afternoon. This week was International Walk to School Week and students could participate in walks during lunch hour and daily trivia. Our Tier 2 boys volleyball team had 2 tournaments this week and won both of their tournaments! Congratulations boys!

In science this week we focused on the moon.  We learned about the phases of the moon and then did an activity where we used Oreos to represent the 8 different phases of the moon!

Today we wrote our math test on place value.  Students will get their tests back next week and there will be an option for a retest if students wish to improve their mark.

In Language Arts we finished reading our graphic novels about space and we are now creating our own graphic novels with a space theme.  We are very excited to be creating our own graphic novels! We have worked on our spelling words some more this week and we will be having a test on our words on Wednesday (Nov. 2).

Have a great weekend!


No School Friday, October 21

This week we had our first Success Assembly where students are recognized for their achievements in class as well as outside of class.  We also have students from each grade that receive an athlete of the month award, one female and one male from each grade. Kaiya received the female athlete of the month for grade 6!

Last week we were lucky enough to be hosting a varsity girls volleyball tournament at Bruce on Friday and we got to see some amazing volleyball being played!

In Science we did an activity where we related the relative size of the planets to different objects.  We then tried to map out the relative distance of each planet to the sun.

Our Autobiographies should all be handed in by now, if they have not been handed in they are late and students should get it done as soon as possible on their own time. We got new spelling words at the beginning of the week and we will continue to work with them into next week.

In Math, we now have a good understanding of place value and have been using that understanding to help us compare and round numbers.  We will be having a quiz on these concepts Friday, October 28th.

We are writing our update on Thursday because we have no school on Friday this week!


What a Busy Week!

In Science this week, we have been looking into the planets in our solar system.  We even made up silly sentences to help us remember the order of the planets!

In Language Arts, we are almost finished our autobiographies.  Autobiographies are due by Friday October 14th. Students need to hand in the rough copy with edits and a good copy.  Good copies can be neatly printed or typed if they want to type it up at home. We will be having a quiz on our spelling words on Wednesday next week.  We have been working with our words all week, students can bring them home to study if they feel they need more practice with them.

In Math, we are using our understanding of place value to compare large and small numbers.

Cross country is now over at Bruce, we ended on a high note, taking the championship banner home!